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Built on years of industry knowledge and hands- on experience YANCHI ERP offers you a fully-integrated highly customizable accounting suite that enables you to manage the daily tasks of your brokerage business.


Yanchi is a secure, robust and easy to use browser-based financial application riding on next generation technology. It gives you the flexibility to model your business to conformity with the dynamics of the business world.

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Our experience over the past decades in the financial industry has enabled us develop a top class solution that is secure, robust, stable and user-friendly.

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We complement our superior and affordable solution with top class customer service.

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We anticipate our clients' need and enhance offerings in Yanchi to ensure delivery of bespoke solutions exceeding industry standards. ``Give your customers the power to do what they will ordinarily require you do for them.

GROWTH & STABILITYHighest grounds

Yanchi is designed to support your business at every stage. Our clients can sign up for base modules and request for additional modules as their business grow.

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