Yanchi is a secure, robust and easy to use browser-based financial application riding on next generation technology.

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“Built on years of industry knowledge and hands- on experience YANCHI ERP offers you a fully-integrated highly customizable accounting suite that enables you to manage the daily tasks of your brokerage business.”


“Yanchi is a secure, robust and easy to use browser-based financial application riding on next generation technology. It gives you the flexibility to model your business to conformity with the dynamics of the business world.”

Modules In Yanchi

These features makes Yanchi thick

CRM with Call notes


Yanchi is able to manage series of equal payments at regular intervals with a promised value that will mature sometimes in the nearest future.

Nominees Processing

The major global challenge with running a nominee account is ability to trace unit holdings to original owner. Our experience has made us simplify the process such that each nominee subscriber which is known as “Beneficial Owner” on Yanchi is able to, at any time, ascertain what pie is his/hers in the nominee account.

Fixed Asset Register

Yanchi is able to keep track of purchase of new assets, daily depreciation of such assets and disposal of old asset.

Nightly Operation

On Yanchi, Cheques posting are separated from cash posting which will eventually be added to the client available balance when the cheque is cleared by a nightly operation called End of Day (EOD).Though there is an option to treat Cheque as cash if the Company so wish.

Financial Operations (cheque processing)

Firms are able to manage their financial transaction posting with ease. User can decide to use the Batch processing for batch transaction, Online Cash module for real time posting and or use the Journal batch to post their day to day financial transactions.

Stock Screener

We have tightly integrated Stock Screener tool which rides on historical data so that users and clients can carry out research analysis before making investment decisions.

Mobile and Web Channel Services

Our mobile and web channel gives control to your clients to monitor and trade on their investments on the go from the most remote location in the globe once there is internet access.

Mutual Funds

IFRS Compliant Reports

All our reports are IFRS complaint. However more reports can be generated on the request of our clients.

Capital Markets Operation and Research

Combining CRM with GL gives powerful control to the company using Yanchi in the capital market module. Client details (information and financials) are seamlessly brought into this module by tying clients to their limits and investments. This will cover and ensure that companies are not unnecessarily exposed to credit risks, validating one of the requirements of a standard Order Management System (OMS).

Loans and Deposits

Yanchi is able to manage client’s loans effectively with very comprehensive payment schedule. Line of credit (Revolving loan) option is also available.

Margin Loan processing

Margin functionalities also tied to this module such that companies willing to extend margin loans to their clients are able to properly set margin criteria, giving margin to only qualified clients as well as manage the margin account and could make margin call, if the need arise.

Integrated Document Management

Embedded in Yanchi is a mini document management system used to manage clients and company documents.

Human Resources Management

The human resource payroll is where users create and keep staff records, generate and run employees payroll process.

E-Trading Platform

With Yanchi FIX, Clients/Brokers/Dealers can send, manage and validate electronic trades from the comfort of their offices/homes and get immediate response.

Easy To Use.

It gives you the flexibility to model your business to conformity with the dynamics of the business world.


Our experience over the past decades in the financial industry has enabled us develop a top class solution that is secure, robust, stable and user-friendly.


We anticipate our clients' need and enhance offerings in Yanchi to ensure delivery of bespoke solutions exceeding industry standards.


We complement our superior and affordable solution with top class customer service.


Yanchi is designed to support your business at every stage. Our clients can sign up for base modules and request for additional modules as their business grow.

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