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Thinking of Going Paperless?

For as long as I can remember, paper has been in existence. Its history can be traced to 105 A. D. It’s been one of the inventions of the Chinese. Humans have to rely greatly on paper – From textbooks to paperbacks to cheque-books to writing pads to toilet paper and the one we all love currency. Its uses are limitless. However paper has come to be somewhat of a nuisance. Take a quick look at your trash can, it’s possible that more than 80% of the trash is paper. Take a look at that storage facility that never seems to be organized, the root cause is paper. Take a look at a school’s typical classroom, you can find bits and pieces of paper flying around.

In business, every document is kept either in the office or a storage facility because each document is important. However, what happens in most cases is that the storage facility turns into chaos if not properly monitored and then time, cost and energy is wasted in looking for documents. According to a survey by YouGov, the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises waste more than £42.2 million per day in revenues looking for documents, something that could easily be remedied by creating a ‘paperless office’.

The time wasted in looking for documents could very well be used for other things such as business development. In a country like Nigeria, most organizations do not have their storage facilities in the city they are in. So looking for a tiny piece of paper would demand that an employee goes all the way to the storage facility’s location and this could take two or three days. Accommodation and food also have to be factored in and at the end of the day ‘the end does not justify the means’. Having storage facilities do not even guarantee prevention of lost files despite all the preventive measures which can be due to a fire outbreak or water disaster or even human made disasters.

So what’s the solution? In a world strongly driven by technology, it is safe to say that going paperless is the way forward. Not so long ago the internet could only be accessed in one place – the desktop – now we have the internet on the go. Mobile devices are even getting smaller by the second so it behooves organizations to follow suit in taking advantage of technology and going paperless.

With the right document management solution in this case ContentVerse, going paperless guarantees access to documents anywhere in the world, the cost of physical storage is greatly reduced, dependence on paper is also greatly curbed, records can be shared and tracked easily in cases of fraud or inconsistencies and can be easily found as well when lost in transit, fragile documents are protected.

Security and regulatory compliance are perhaps two of the most if not the most import factors to consider when going paperless. ContentVerse guarantees ultimate security what with all the encrypted protocols users have to obey. In sensitive situations, sharing files can implicate organizations so ContentVerse protects against such mishap.



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