Koko MD

Koko MD

Our well designed and developed electronic medical and health records solution links up health services providers, such that information is available to enable cheaper and better healthcare delivery.

Easy To Use

The application makes health information content from one source available to all; projects information to a single graphical user interface and provide a single support platform


Improvement in health of the population and reduction in public healthcare expenditures

Decreases infant mortality 90%

Reduces hypertension 71%

Decreases or best put eliminate maternal mortality 100%

Increases patient compliance with receiving Rx by 94%+

Reduces adverse reaction to pharmaceuticals during hospitalizations by 90%

Eliminates quacks practice in health system 100%

Reduces spread of mother-to-child transmission of HIV to 2.9%

Having access to health records is believed to be a step toward improving health care. Busy physicians have a workload that inhibits efficient record keeping which can often lead to medical errors. These seemingly simple human mistakes can sometimes cause huge problems for clients and can even be fatal if not discovered in a timely manner..

Our solution enables healthcare industry to:

  • Regulate access to health records.
  • Manage individual and public health activities.
  • Capture primary and hospital care data.
  • Report on health care trends.
  • Ensure best possible data accuracy and workflow.
  • Keep a central record of all interactions between citizens and healthcare providers.
  • Focus on single instance capture of data at source.
  • Monitor changes in trends
  • Keep, adapt and manage large scale networking environment.
  • Manage billing and payments.
  • Manage health care human resources and keep quacks out.
  • Track emergent health care trends.
  • Manage supply chain.
  • Track drug dispensing and usage.
  • Compare health care costs across localities.