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Document Management Solution – A Case In Point

Meet Janet. Janet is a Country Archivist for a leading multinational bank in Nigeria. Her job is to manage all company’s records for all the branches across Nigeria. Her system, the big file piling system just doesn’t work anymore. Every day, people are asking Janet where this file is and where that document is and after looking for an hour, she usually concludes that it’s at another office.
Janet is just one person she wants to be perceived as the trained expert she is but can’t continue providing the company with an efficient record keeping under her current storage and filing structure. It’s not just finding the file that’s the problem either. We live in a world where people need to access information with increasing speed. There are also new regulatory, legal and compliance standards coming out all the time. How is Janet this one person supposed to balance all these?

If your situation is similar to Janet’s;

We can help you make the transition from physical to digital records.

With our document management solutions you can unload the weight of the company’s records into secure and protected storage and have all the files scanned and organized.

Our Services pinpoints your organization specific pains whether it be; compliance, controlling costs, disaster recovery or a simple efficiency and provides the storing, accessing and managing solutions to relief the pain.

We make your life easier. You can now focus on the activities and projects that are essential to your core business practices.

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CALM Global Information Technologies is a premier provider of records management, document storage & data security services.

With CALM IT you will find a unique commitment to providing a professional records and information management service.

Learn more about calminfotech

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