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Desire a Work Flow? Try WorkFlow!

In today’s technologically advanced world, there is always a better way to render service. Everyone is taking advantage of digitization in meeting their customers’ needs in a better and more efficient manner. It’s become survival of the fittest in today’s business world. Document management software was birthed from this situation in order to render a solution to the increasing challenge of finding documents. This software is so versatile that it not only solves this problem on a large scale because its features enable efficiency and productivity in a bid to cut costs and save time but it also aids in the minute details. Different surveys have shown that employees spend close to 75% looking for documents which cause other ongoing office tasks to come to a halt. So in a bid to bring about a better and efficient manner of business, Workflow Management System is introduced.

The inability to find the tiniest document that’s so crucial to a business deal or legal case can be so devastating because it could lead to the loss of a lot of money or could mean sending the wrong person to jail which inadvertently could lead to the sack of an employee or the collapse of a business organization. This is why workflow is so important. Employees are most productive and happiest when they can complete efficiently the work they are expected to do. It means that they can meet that deadline or target. Employing the use of workflow makes work easier and very well productive. Here’s why:

Workflow enables proper allocation of tasks. It ensures that tasks are evenly allocated across all teams and departments. Each individual’s workflow is closely monitored and new tasks are also assigned so that there is no lapse in continuity. It creates an atmosphere of efficiency and effectiveness.

Another benefit is that workflow follows a sequential and uniformed order. It ensures that a task can only be done if the preceding one has been finished and the tasks done are identical and can be repeated in the same manner.

One very important feature of the workflow is that it acts as a tracking system. There is always paper trail. Employees would not need to spend time looking for a document but instead they get email alerts upon receipt of document or when changes have been made on the said document.

My all time favorite feature is the OCR – Optical Character Recognition. There are times when multiple documents have the same title or instances where an employee cannot remember the name of the document, certain keywords can be imputed and the document would come up.



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