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Records Reorganization

We carry out needs analysis, Records Survey, Inventories, Collection Processing, Descriptive Cataloging and bar-coding on our projects. We use appraisal guidelines tailored to your institution to identify items of enduring value and weed out items you can safely discard.

Records Digitization

The digital or e-archiving solution is to improve information management and document handling across the organization with easy access, data archive and retrieval with ease. We convert records from paper form to electronic form by preparing, scanning and indexing. Calm IT will digitize your existing records using indexes of each document type thereby making referencing and retrieval easy. Electronic Content Management began as Document Management, which is the best way to scan paper files for quick and easy retrieval. In today’s economy, those documents are no longer just paper, but now include a heavy dose of electronic content such as word-processing files, spreadsheets, PDF’s, E-mail, and many other forms.

Archive Facility

Our top-class, purpose-built, temperature-controlled archive facility seats on 8,999m2 in a secured area of Lagos State. It is safe from water, and separated from the risks associated with your physical location.


The critical Enterprise Content Management component of your digital infrastructure

We are representative of Computhink USA in Nigeria and we are certified reseller of their product, Contentverse. Contentverse is an enterprise solution that manages the entire life cycle of a company’s documents and records from creation to retention and eventually, disposition. Contentverse provides Integrated Document Management and E-mail Archival solutions which is secure, flexible, scalable, simple to use and reliable.

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