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Calm Global Information Technologies Limited is an Information Technology provider focused on providing IT solutions. CALM IT is set up to provide total solution in the IT industry for its customers.

Our Projects

Our projects speaks for us. We have worked on a number of diverse projects and our clients are happy for the value we brought to their company. We're happy to flaunt them here;

Our Strength

Our team of professionals have skills spanning core technical areas of our every business.

Our Strategy

As your technology partner, CALM IT will work with you to create a competitive advantage using rapidly emerging technologies such as Internet commerce and Intranet tools, always ensuring a versatile and reliable platform for your information systems ensuring that your business can adapt to changing priorities.





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Desire a Work Flow? Try WorkFlow!

In today’s technologically advanced world, there is always a better way to render service. Everyone is taking advantage of digitization in meeting their customers’ needs in a better and more efficient manner. It’s become survival of the fittest in today’s business world. Document management software was birthed from this situation in order to render a...

Thinking of Going Paperless?

For as long as I can remember, paper has been in existence. Its history can be traced to 105 A. D. It’s been one of the inventions of the Chinese. Humans have to rely greatly on paper - From textbooks to paperbacks to cheque-books to writing pads to toilet paper and the one we all...

Document Management Solution - A Case In Point

Meet Janet. Janet is a Country Archivist for a leading multinational bank in Nigeria. Her job is to manage all company’s records for all the branches across Nigeria. Her system, the big file piling system just doesn’t work anymore. Every day, people are asking Janet where this file is and where that document is and...

Productivity in the Modern Age Demands Paperless Support

As businesses seek to optimize workflow and productivity in all areas of operation, many are realizing the need to go completely digital. From analytics to paper conversion services, migrating all enterprise content to digital formats allows firms to streamline productivity and properly leverage the latest trends, such as process automation. Business process automation can be particularly beneficial...

Electronic Documents Central to Any Recovery Plan

After a disaster occurs, company owners must ensure their business can pick itself back up and continue operating. Certain changes need to be made if the physical location was destroyed, potentially including working remotely or setting up a temporary storefront. However, when disaster policies include a clause requiring electronic information management, businesses may find recovery...

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