Our Services.

Our team of professionals have skills spanning core technical areas of our every business.

Web Development

Calm IT professionals keep up with the technologies rapid changes and updates, hence they work on the latest technologies for developing Web Applications such as (JAVA, ASP.NET, ASP, MVC, Silverlight, AJAX…, etc.) to enhance and deliver high-end web solutions that acquire clients' satisfaction.

Archival Services

This is a fully-outsourced record management solution that helps you keep cost low by consolidating, organizing and managing your physical records archive. Professionally organize your records archive to facilitate quick and easy access to records.

Document Management

Electronic system designed to organize and manage documents. These documents are usually organized with software, which provides the user with the ability to access, modify, and centrally store the documents. Document management systems handle tedious tasks such as archiving, distribution, and creation of documents.


We do IT consultancy for companies in the area of Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Finance charge/Process Transformation and other IT related fields. We offer bespoke training to both individuals and
corporate clients too.

Hosting Services

Calm IT with professionals and multiple levels of system administrators provides you with a complete web hosting solution according to your needs, while you can rest assure that your site is secure and most importantly available online. This means that no matter what your problem is, it will be dispatched to the proper personnel and taken care of as quickly as possible.

eCommerce Enablement

eCommerce is about leveraging electronic technology to deliver better services to customers and improve the efficiency of organisations. eCommerce is also about positioning organisations to drive new revenue generation opportunities. By utilizing the Internet and top of the line IT infrastructure, organisations can improve its services and increase efficiency.


Yanchi is a secure, robust and easy to use browser-based financial application riding on next generation technology. It gives you the flexibility to model your business to conformity with the dynamics of the business world.

INNOVATION Undoubtedly the best

We anticipate our clients' need and enhance offerings in Yanchi to ensure delivery of bespoke solutions exceeding industry standards. ``Give your customers the power to do what they will ordinarily require you do for them.

GROWTH & STABILITY Highest grounds

Yanchi is designed to support your business at every stage. Our clients can sign up for base modules and request for additional modules as their business grow.


Our Services pinpoints your organization specific pains whether it be; compliance, ediscovery, Risk mitigation, controlling costs, disaster recovery or a simple efficiency and provides instant accessing, quick discovering, easy retrieval and managing solutions to relief the pains.

Record Reorganization Cost-Effective, Legally Defensible Records Management

By using appraisal guidelines tailored to your institution to identify items of enduring value CALM IT can help you reorganize your documents such that they are arranged systematically (by departments, document types, and date) in archive boxes, properly described and a catalogue of collection created so as to reduce space, retrieval time as well as keep the documents safe.

Document Indexing Improved access to archived records

The digital or e-archiving solution is to improve information management and document handling across the organization with easy access, data archive and retrieval with ease. We convert records from paper form to electronic form by preparing, scanning and indexing.

Electronic Health Management

For easy access to health care services from professional medical practitioners around the world.

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